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At Roofing Academy X, we’re proud to not only offer a comprehensive training course that helps you get your roofing license, but also provide path to jump start your career in the contracting world.

Founded by Mike Flores, a roofing industry expert, Roofing Academy X is not just your typical roofing school.

Roofing Academy X is a mentorship program, a training center, a one-of-a-kind trade school that is there with you every step of the way.

Transforming Roofing Education from Years of Experience

At Roofing Academy X, we understand that studying can be a daunting task.

That’s why we’ve streamlined the way you prepare for your roofing exam.

Our comprehensive program for a Residential Roof license or an Unlimited Roof license is designed to cater to everyone – from seasoned roofers to someone that is looking to break into the industry.

With us, passing the roofing exam on the first try isn’t just a goal; it’s an expectation – and our instructors will provide you with everything you need to know to make that goal happen.

Diverse Learning for Diverse Learners

Our students’ backgrounds vary widely, and we embrace this diversity.

Whether you’ve been in the roofing industry for years or are just looking to start in the roofing industry, our roofing trade school is tailored to meet you where you are.

Our commitment is to make learning engaging, informative, and, above all, effective in ensuring you obtain your Illinois roofing license.

More Than Just a Typical Exam Prep

At Roofing Academy X, our vision extends beyond what other roofing schools provide.

We’re obsessed with seeing our students go on to start careers and companies.

With that said, our contractor training includes insights into business growth, management strategies, and industry best practices, positioning you not just as a licensed roofer but also a thriving local or national roofing company.

Our founders have done it, and so can you.

Your Pathway to Success in Roofing

Roofing Academy X doesn’t just help you get licensed; we partner with you in elevating your business to new heights.

From exam preparation to business development, we’re committed to transforming you into the successful roofing professional you aspire to be.

Why Choose Roofing Academy X?

We’ve helped nearly 3,000 contractors with experience or no experience get ready for their roofing career.

With a high-pass through rate on the first try, we’ll get you prepared for not just the test, but also for your future career.

We’re thrilled to help you progress on your career path.

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As a roofing business owner, Roofing Academy X exceeded my expectations. The Roofing exam prep course was simple, engaging, expertly delivered, and what was needed to pass the Illinois Roofing License. Passing the exam was straightforward thanks to their exceptional prep. Highly recommend for serious professionals in the industry.

Ruben M.

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